A powerful multi-chain technology


A better way to commerce using fully featured digital currencies and now available on the BeepXtra platform for everyone! It’s the fastest and most scalable digital ledger, enabling real-time transactions and Dapps in the retail industry.

You can still get in!

Available investment opportunities


Invest in a MasterNode
MasterNodes serve the Steroid4.0 network by providing a point of reference for transactions, mining, smart-contract processing and data retrieval. MasterNodes benefit by getting a share of every reward that goes through their collective network.
  • Stake Coins required: 250000
  • Investment: $25000
  • Free setup
  • 60 Months of pre-paid hosting

Reserve MasterNode(s)

Mining Kits

These mini mining rigs come pre-assembled and ready to go. Only a limited supply will be available and only these will be temporarily able to mine on Steroid4.0. The network will eventually be opened to the public and for DIY miners!

  • Estimated output: 30000-50000 coins first year.
  • Investment: $1300 pre-order only
  • Power Consumption: 80w
  • Estimated Delivery: April 2021

Reserve Miner(s)
Coin Details

Initial Distribution

Pre-mined Distribution

  • 10 % Private Sale
  • 50 % Public Presale
  • 5 % Node distribution
  • 5 % Advisors
  • 10 % Team (Lock up)
  • 20 % Airdrops & Promotions

Presale Fund Distribution

  • 35 % Product Development
  • 20 % Operations
  • 25 % Marketing
  • 20 % Compliance/Legal/Others

Company Roadmap

April 2016

Finalize Platform and Sales mode

August 2018

Launch Philippines Pilot

Apr 2019

TestNet Platform Launch


Public Pre-sale


Mainnet launch and strategic Masternode deployment


The Documentation

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There is not one but two holy grails in the blockchain industry. The first is the search for a coin that can buy goods and services in any store on the planet. The second is having transaction speeds that can cope if every store on the planet used it. We have solved both which makes this whitepaper perhaps the most exiting you will ever read.

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Beep Steroid4.0 Brochure
Genesis Block 2021
Pre-mined 500,000,000
Presale Elapsed
Block Reward Starts at 10
Difficulty Fixed until released open-source
Protocols Multi-chain(Poc, DPoS, PoW, SCi)
Denomination 10 digits (0.0000000001)
Starting Price $0.10/Coin
Soft Cap Can Vary dynamically (Est. 10b)
Our experts

Team Members

Lyndon Farrington


Angelos Hadjiphilippou


Naviin Kapoor

Advisor (Dubai)

Vincent Mercado

Operations Director (Philippines)

Panagiotis Evgeniou

Security Consultant

Philippines Team

Local Division